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Needless to say, this is a great position for Mars for a cricket or team sports captains.


It also shows some positive and constructive siblings rivalry. And siblings and cousins and proximity them in the childhood is seen. It adds to such travels and expense of time, money and energy for planning, management, strategy and so on. Bad planets in this house could shows major issues with the mom health and your karmic obligation towards the mom is underscored. Like any house — Mangal in highly intense degree or some sign and with very bad influences like Shani Rahu or Wakri planets — could impact legs but also impact the organs shown by the sign Rashi of Mangal.

But still 9 th house reduces some ill-effects there too. What environment one gets at the workplace, how one behaves at workplace. This is the best and a very happy house for Mangal to be in. Mars being aggressive, adhikaari, authoritative and often dictatorial also, it is very happy in the 10 th house.

Most military high-level people have Mars in the 10 th house Dipak Kapoor, Pervez Musharraf and many folks. This Mars shows high level of power a person acquires or struggle also in acquiring it. The workplace or business is full of competition and fights and rivalry for them.

Of course, in employment they often end up fighting with their boss as they think they do not need bossing around. Communication is not their forte as they want to get thigs done by force and aggression and not by diplomacy. They are not peacetime people! But they are the go-to people in the times of conflict. But they can also create conflicts out of nothing.

Hitler had 10 th Mars in Aries to his Moon and 7 th to Ascendant. Mars shows sports wars, sports equipment, land Bhoomi-Kaarak , agriculture and farming. So you can see many sports equipment producing people or sports store being run by people with Mars in the 10 th or 11 th house.

How is it now?

The 4 th house would arrange Gym and give environment for people to enjoy equipment but the 10 th one would produce them! Even a well-placed Mars would show some or other tussle with the father on how to run family business and so on. It is important for 10 th house Mangal to listen to experience at the start of the career else they could make some glorious mistakes and always learn in the JOB which could be costly. It is imp to do something with 10Rs instead of Rs at the start of the career or start of a NEW business.

This needs to be done without suppressing the aggression and energy of the 10 th Mars! This is tricky! Good education and more so management education goes a long long way for them to use their energy in the right direction.


It is imp to surround yourself with knowledge people as you have the most use of them being powerful and full of energy and risk-taking ability. As Mars is happy in this house — most of the Mars energy does not go in the wrong direction. A well-placed Mars and a good time allows victory toppling uncle or father for the throne and also subsiding siblings — a badly placed Mangal and in wrong times, it shows bitter failure and bitter loss like Hitler.

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Parvez Musharraf had a shaming defeat in Kaargil when Shani was going over his natal Mars in the 10 th house. This Mars aspects 1 st and the 4 th and the 5 th house. Any planet is great in the 11 th house and more the merrier and even the worst of the worst Yuti like Shani Mangal or Surya Shani and Rahu Mangal or Rahu Shani have their own positives, gains and income coming from their governorship and also the houses they own.

!! Jyotish - Astrology - Numerology - Palmistry !!: April 4th to April 8th

Any planet is good news in the 11 th house. Also, L11 Lord of the 11 th house in any house shows income due to that house. Even L11 in the 8 th house of Mrutyu-Sthan shows income from Inheritance, Astrology or homeopathy or hidden secret patented knowledge or karmic healing, reiki, pranic healing etc etc of course Meen planets and 12 th house planets are also imp for these things. These gains would be without much strings attached if no Shani or Rahu influence in this Mars.

With Guru drushti, it would be broader and put to good use. Mars in a chart shows how your energy is unleashed or used. They would of course fill it by close friends and colleagues. Group events, team events and team sports are a natural to this Mars. It shows tussle with these things.

More so when it is Shani or Rahu and Surya. With SHANI 2 nd or 8 th it could even show family debt or some huge losses or wealth mismanagement done by the family making you cover for it! SHANI especially in these houses is pretty detrimental. Shani presence could cause some health issues with kidney or blood contents from time to time.

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Mangal drushti on the 2 nd house could show haste with investments which in good times shows a good opportunity taken well and in bad times shows losses! So it is tricky. Good planets in 2 nd and 8 th house would give good opportunities more often and bad opportunities would be much lesser and even then, they would show money getting stuck for longer time than outright losses. With bad planets impact on 2 and 8 houses it is exactly opposite — -good opportunities giving money after some time and bad opp more and giving losses quickly and in a lumpsum manner!

Regardless of how good or badly placed this Mars is, it shows good cash flow and monthly income. Mangal in Kanya or Mithun Viro or Gemini in 11 or 2 nd house could show defense-contract agents also! Also obvious are Land or Property agents.

So, a planet in the 11 th house also is a friend of the person himself which gives some extra ordinary ability. It certainly shows the obligation the person has in specific area of life. The 12 th house shows the vision or lack that the person has and the sense of broad picture say feet view of the proceedings!

Mars in the 12 th house shows that these people are the last people to run! J They will wait for the next bus to come in but would not try to catch a bus by a bit of a running. They will rather blame their colleagues for not planning well to catch the earlier bus! Mars 12 th means there is some obligation towards these things and one should not expect income or gain from these areas of life!

Mars shows aggression, warriors, wars, sports — The 12 th house Mars folks provide vision, strategy to wars or warriors and even sports people in the modern era. They prepare the blue-print of an attack or mastermind or architect an assault by seating at home. They are not about running around and leading from the front but they are rather monitoring everything from the top without getting involved in the action.

This is nothing but a obligation towards the nation of the sportspeople etc. Imagine, you training sports-people and they performing brilliantly and you clapping from the spectator areas — in a way it IS a karmic obligation from the past birth that these folks are paying back. However, the 12 th house also shows political oblivion or jail in worse cases. His initial boss Dr. Agashe comes across as 9 th house Mangal, good at strategy but an idealistic man.

Milind chitambar weekly horoscope

The changes senior Mr. Of course Mr Suchak comes across as badly placed Mangal. The 12 th house Mangal folks many times are seen giving some advice while watching a game! They like to live execution to others! These folks seldom run and when they run they create issues for themselves and others! J They are advised to wear best quality footwear else they hurt their ankles or feet.

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Like any 12 th house planet, 12 th Mars folks also catch some tide in life and clung on to it to make it big in life. The physical sign of 12 th house Mars usually is fingers of the palm top phalanx curves upwards which shows a thinking person with evolved thought process of an architect and not curving downwards like an assembly line worker.

Even the color of palm is usually pale and not too much blood flowing thru! When Mars is in Aries Mesh or a fire sign or say Capricorn uchcha sign, they do play some sports but again there is an effort to make minimum movements while keeping, bowling short run-up etc as they do not ENJOY too much of a movement. Even Aries sign Mars would be seen unwilling to run much despite the ability to run The Vrishabh ascendant makes it worse — Ganguley anyone?

If not being careful these folks can face an accident due to negligence or sheer bad luck! But many a times this accident is due to overall detachment in mind but sudden surge of driving fast which they are not used to.